Blog Shout-Out: IG on Fleek!


ShoutOuts weekend is here people! Today I’m doing something slightly edgy. I decided to appreciate all(most loyal) peeps on Instagram in the blog..


*True beauty
*Somali/Kalenjin lady
*Has a flair for designer bags(think MK)
Follow her @_Filsan_

Eunice Murathe


*Coasterian beauty(Mombasa you have been represented)
*Law student
*Her posts are always encouraging
Follow her @Shiko.254

Ann Wanjiru


*Beautiful soul
*Student at KMTC
*Always stylish
Follow her @Anniey_Lee

Purity Angie


*The next businesslady to take over the world
*Ambitious and determined
Follow her @PurityAngie

Forum Patel


*Lovely doe
*Can’t tell you all now can I??
Go follow @Forum_Patel

Make sure to follow these fleek lovelies on IG if you’re there

How is your weekend coming along? I will probably catch up on some shows,go for an outdoors trek(hike?),chill with some friends and that will be my weekend. What about yours?


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