Fashion Updates!


This week doesn’t get any better I tell you. It’s yours truly with an update on what’s going down in the world of dressing to the nines and shining like nobody’s biz. Welcome aboard!

Lingerie/bikini powerhouse Victoria’s Secret is rumored to be phasing out its swimwear collection this season and replacing that with an activewear collection. I don’t know much about ladies fashion but two things I am 100% sure of are:

1)Women love Victoria’s Secret

2)Repeat point number one till you get tired

Let’s just wait and see what the official report will be(fingers crossed). Yes, some of us are going to miss out o those models in those crazy sexy cool bikinis!



Earth Day came and left us but our environment is still in danger. A company by the name The Reformation produced shirts, blouses and other pieces in support of planet earth. Once you purchase their clothing they will  tell you exactly how you are contributing to helping save the world. Isn’t that awesome? I thought so too. Anyway, the most popular pieces were those tagged “Do It For Leo”. These ones were made in reference to movie star Leonardo DiCaprio and I think it’s a cool way to get people participating. Get your piece!


Speaking of shoes, men, don’t ditch your trainers just yet. This is their season and it’s time to get creative on the colors and designs.

Football fans and watch lovers this is your segment. Hublot and Chelsea football club recently had a collaboration and came up with an amazing watch. As you can see it has both the Chelsea lion and the Hublot logo. Time just became fancy!

What else do you is trending in the world of fashion?


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