Photo News: Papa Wemba, Mercy Masika, Vera Sidika


mercy masika

This weekend has been one of the most insane in the world of celebville. Damn, I’ve even forgotten to ask you how yours was but I’m hoping it was good, if not peaceful. Let’s get right into it..

mercy 2.jpg

Our amazing and lovely gospel musician Mercy Masika was involved in a car accident on Saturday night. She escaped with a few injuries and was taken to Nairobi Hospital to recover and she is now doing fine(according to reports). Her fans were worried sick when some unsightly pics of her in hospital started circulating on social media. We just wish her a quick recovery. When it comes to life, it is always a serious issue.


Fare thee well Papa Wemba


A moment of silence for this legendary musician………..

Thank you. Congolese rhumba musician Papa Wemba has passed away at the age of 66 while at a performance in Ivory Coast. He was a bit sickly on Saturday morning(eish,what’s up with this Saturday) and things got worse when he got on stage on Sunday. He slumped, collapsed next to some dancers and by the time they were rushing him to the hospital, he had lost his life.

papawemba 2.jpg

He will be remembered for;

*His great music

*His sense of fashion

*His advocacy for African culture progressiveness

That is his legacy. It comes as a shock to all but the best we can do, is honor him with what he has left behind. What will your legacy be? Condolences to his family, friends and fans alike.

On to lighter news…..

Vera gets naughty!


Does she ever fail to surprise? Never! Well, she has gotten herself a new tat on the b**t. There’s not much we can say apart from the fact she’s ensuring we never forget her or reminding us that we will probably never get another socialite like her. Yay or nay for the tattoo? I know some eyes are still feasting on that pic and I am glad your body parts are functioning as expected.

QUICKIE UPDATE: Mr. Uhuru Kenyatta, the Kenyan president, has made changes to his twitter account and he is now officially following 11 peeps. Most of them are heads of states, his number one lady and a few government officials. I am telling you I am unfollowing all those people who don’t follow back.

How is Monday’s weather treating you so far? Me, you ask? I am tucked away somewhere not in a hurry to get outta bed.


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