Hollywood Juice!


Hello everyone! It’s end month! For some the salary is rolling,others are thinking of the bills to be paid,the cold is biting hard…how are you biding off April? Since you’re here,let’s close it with some Hollywood dish. Entertainment never sleeps..
Dry Spell Alert!
So apparently, Jennifer Lawrence is going through a rough patch. She hasn’t gotten some “wood” in months. Girl told an entertainment journalist that it has been long since she had had a “man’s touch…”. This she said at the premiere of her new movie “A Beautiful Planet”. I mean,for a babe with that body,that beauty, charisma and her superstar status no guy has taken it “that far” since she broke up with her man a few months ago? I would say I now want a piece of her,but at the risk of bae getting angry at me,I will reserve my comments.

It’s lonely at the top!


A quick Drake update: he’s a mega music star(oh yes),he has released a new album titled Views aaaaaaaaand his friends are getting fewer in number. During an interview on Beats 1,he said he doesn’t speak to Nicki Minaj no more. How? Fallout in friendship. He also said he ain’t close with Jay Z. But Rihanna,our bad girl Riri? He has much love for her. Hint hint hint.

Youth Initiative


Hollywood power couple Will and Jada Pinkett Smith will be joining Obama’s youth initiative. They will(not Will,geez!) be merging their own foundation with Obama’s My Brother’s keeper to take on a tour across the country dubbed “careers in entertainment”. This is aimed at serving the underserved kids in high school and college and they will be mentored on careers in entertainment. Yay to helping young people.

Birthday girl Gigi!


Did you celebrate your birthday this month? Top model Gigi Hadid also celebrated her 21st! I think she’s cool in her own way..plus she has long legs…*winks* oh come on!
Her social media page is a testament to how awesome her birthday party was. See for yahself.





Yup,you saw Taylor,Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, Jaden Smith and Kendall Jenner. That’s how you throw a party.

Happy weekend good people! Keep warm.


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