Spotted | Elani,Karis,Kambua


This weather bad eh. Imagine some of us have been in heavy clothes for too long. We can’t even breath. Eish,while some of you I know have been gettin’ some! #NaughtyVibes. So what are your celebs up to? Surprisingly, none has been seen in warm apparel. Are they made of ice? Anyway,check out the pics..
Celeb: Elani band member
Photo by: Picha Za Wanga
Nice pic there!


Celeb: Karis (Churchill show comedian)
Place: Airport
Headed to: Mombasa,the coastal city(that’s what his caption read)
He’s JamboJet-ing to go crack a joke or four at the coast I presume. Hope he gets there in peace.


Celeb: Kambua (gospel musician and TV show host)
With: Njugush of the KKrew( co-host with Kambua on Citizen TV)
Place: Mpesa shop(?)
It’s chill time for these two.

That’s it from my instagram explore feeds. How’s you pushing?


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