My May Day!


Guys I need your prayers. I am feeling like I carry the laziest bones yet it’s a new month. What’s happening to me?? *freaking out*.
Here’s is how my first day of May was,what May means for Justin Timberlake and what it May mean for the entertainment industry..
My May weekend
I went to church,came back and surfed the internet for the longest possible time(Thank you Twitter and Facebook!),had a small siesta and got up to a movie(AntMan) which i watched with family. Basically, the cold ensured I stayed indoors for the rest of the day.
What about you,how was yours?

Justin Timberlake Memes
This month,you may come across memes written “it’s gonna be May” with a Justin Timberlake pic on them. What’s the catch? It so happens,back in the 2000s JT was part of a boy band named N’Sync and they produced a smash hit which had the lines “it’s gonna be me”. But Justin being Justin(typical for young’uns),the words came out as “it’s gonna be May”.  So,to all meme lovers,it better be May!

Local entertainment news
Making headlines
1)Groove Awards- controversial as usual,Bahati and Willy Paul have been locked out. No nominations for them. Their fans will see this as unfair but i think we can have a few fresh faces for once.
2)Jeff Koinange was recently raided in his Kitisuru home by armed robbers. He has reported that his family and himself are doing alright and he thanks everyone for the support. Robbery freaks me out like crazy,I hope all goes well for him.
3)It’s all hullabaloo thanks to the Attorney General for legalizing registration of Atheists in Kenya. A large lot of Kenyans are not open-minded to accommodate such things as atheism in the society but in my opinion,let people do their thing man. We can’t all be Christina devouts.

Is May looking bright? Share with me!


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