A little rant about our beloved Nairobi!


Yours truly is an avid video consumer. That means YouTube is like my second b….bestie. I will be featuring a few YouTube channels i find interesting. Today we have Wanza King’oo..
About the channel
It’s more of her personal video blog and she shares a lot. From her day to day life tales(she narrates how her laptop got stolen,by a friend),to tips on hair for the ladies,to random facts about herself. There’s so much you don’t share with the world. Yes,you dear reader. Try something out.
About the YouTuber
She’s quirky and funny in her videos and you won’t slump when watching. Her youthfulness also makes her relatable to most young people.
The video I picked
It’s a rant she has done about the stuff she doesn’t like about Nairobi,our crazy capital city. After watching,i think you will want to add some more. Nairobi,just like all other cities,has it’s beauty and it’s b……bad side. *ahem*

Watch away…

You can follow her ;
Instagram: @Wanza_Wanza
YouTube: Wanza King’oo


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