Spotted: Anyiko Owoko, Joy Kendi


Hello there. I’m doing great by the way. How’s your life? This is what you’re celebs have been getting up to….
Celeb: Joy Kendi (fashion blogger)
With: Sharon Mundia(fashion blogger,This Is Ess), Susan Wong( Capital FM presenter)
Place: at the beach? Yea,that kinda dressing mhmmm…we’re loving.
This was fashionocracy at it’s best!
We all need a bit of downtime.


Celeb : Anyiko Owoko( Sauti Sol publicity manager)
Pic: Lupita Nyong’o at the Met Gala 2016
Anyiko shared what Lupita was wearing at the fashion event and she sure did look amazing.
I didn’t do a post on the Met Gala  but pardon me for that. Yes I always forgive you for not reading some of my posts so we’re even *muahahaha*

That’s a wrap. Have a day full of awe people!


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