Chill? No chill for DnG!


DnG is; a musician,a celeb and most recently, a man with a broken heart. He had a glamorous wedding with a glamorously gorgeous girl Yvette Nungari not-so-long-ago. Trouble in paradise? Yes,they have now split. Shame. How is he handling the break? Like a normal person
He went to social media and insinuated that his wife “was a hot chic with a dark heart and a shitty personality”. Ouch. Those who are saying that DnG should keep it together don’t really know how painful it is for him. This is his way of dealing with it and in fact,let him spill it all. If it will give him peace of mind,why not?
He was also spotted with another lady dancing and I think we’re just reading too much into it. See pics



He’s just having fun,blowing off steam like any normal person would. Only he is a celeb and we tend to squeeze every little snippet we get out of their lives.
Your thoughts?


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