Careers | Entertainment Law


Debra Klein and Marcy Morris for Cameron Diaz and Will Ferrell

You probably didn’t know about this career in entertainment. All those who want a serious bite out of the entertainment industry will thank me later, so,yes,you’re welcome. Law works even in this field

Job description
*It will be your job to assist clients understand legal agreements.
*You might be required to help businesses such as record labels set themselves up as business entities
*Your clients will include: musicians,songwriters,record labels and all the plethora of the entertainment careerists


Ken Hertz for Calvin Harris

*A bachelors degree in law(definitely!)
*You will be expected to intern at a law firm and also work in other fields before you can specialise in the entertainment field
*It comes at an advantage if you go to a law school that involves itself with entertainment.


Liz Lenjo is one of the most popular Kenyan entertainment lawyer

*Be good with people and build relationships
*Look for opportunities out there

Like with anything else in life,it’s all about determination and pursuing your passion with all you’ve got.
Have a productive week ahead.


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