Spotted: Eric Omondi,MC Jessy,Chipukeezy


So I’m on the gram lookin’ for celebs and I’m seeing none! Where you at stars?? My explore posts on  instagram is not doing me justice. Moving on swiftly, this is what I caught some of them up to on their social pages..
Celeb: Chipukeezy( Kiss 100 FM presenter and comedian)
With: Savara Mudigi (of boy band Sauti Sol)
Place: Cool restaurant (?)
I liked the chilled out-ness(is that even a word) of this pic. Very relaxed and the mood feels happy.


Celeb: Eric Omondi( MC and comedian)
Place: Streets of Nairobi
Doing: he dressed as a lady and called himself “Divalicious”,the new socialite in town. He tagged Shaniqwa(the other well known “male socialite” of sorts)

I will reserve my comments for this pic. Yes. No,I’m not saying nothing.


Celeb: MC Jessy( MC,radio presenter, TV show host,comedian)
With: Professor Hamo( comedian)
Place: Churchill Show TV show

Backstage(Onstage?) selfie. You know how we feel about selfies. Much love. Enough said.

What have you been posting on your social media pages?


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