They stole Corazon’s weave! How dare they!


Sidebar: this pic of hers is totally unrelated to the news that we are gonna talk about. It was an awesome snap and I had to share. Just saying. Don’t judge.

So,socialite aka lawyer aka Miss Thang was recently at a club in Westlands and things didn’t go all too well. Someone pulled off her weave during a fight(it’s a club c’mon)..
She ranted about it on social media. Here is her full rant.

“The other day I was at some ratchet Nairobi club called (redacted), some people kept telling me it was a nice place so I decided to check it out, when I got in, it was stuffy, no seats, the staff were unprofessional and the women there looked like they came to the club with an agenda (if you know what I mean) anyway, I had already come all the way so I said I should as well buy their over-priced drinks then leave, I was with my two girlfriend’s, mark you am used to ViP treatment coz I enter the club and I have money to spend, some beer-drinking girls came to insult my friend where we were sitting, as the protective friend that I am, I moved to see what was going on, before I knew it my wig was snatched, I swore never to go to such clubs as (redacted) where women go with 200 bob, for taxi polling! And wait for men to buy them drinks, I also decided to get myself security so such bitches can deal with my security coz I am too classy and too successful to be fighting hoes!”


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