Expensive Hollywood!


One thing’s for sure: celebrities don’t come cheap. Especially from Hollywood. Can you guess the booking rate for an international artist?

Queen Bey
Our slay queen charges around $2m. She will serve you with her lemonade at your private party and it will be worth it. Do you have the cash? I thought so too. I’m such a mind reader.


Kanye West
$3m and he will talk business. He may be an attention-seeker on Twitter and on social pages but if you truly want his attention, show him that kinda dough.


Jennifer Lopez
She is the lethal combination of voice and beauty. For performance at your choice of event,she will go for roughly $2.5m. Being JLo sure does have its perks.


This 38y/o beefcake is also another top star who’s booking rate is way up in the moon. With $1m he can do you justice. With that kind of money,you will definitely expect nothing but the best.

Others include Justin Bieber(of course!), Celine Dion,JayZ( King of the game),Eminem (where did this guy go to?),Lady Gaga etc.
Reasons for the high prices:
*Value. These musicians are highly valued in the industry because of their brand names and the quality they offer
*Stage set up. Beyonce-nade is currently on her Lemonade World Tour and when she goes to perform,her team sets up the stage. Picture lights and exaggerated Queen Bey entrance and dancers.
*Concerts. Some of their concert tickets sell for as much as $400…(I am inclined not to convert that to our local currency) so it goes without saying that booking rates are also astronomical.

Their clients include:
*Presidents (yup,JLo once performed for the Azerbaijan head of state!)
*Royal families
*Private pool partiers *side eyes to instagram pool party invites*

Whom would you like to perform for you? *P.S. dreaming is free*


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