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On Sunday I woke up feeling so religious. Wow,I actually thought I had gotten a calling or something. Turns out it was Pentecost for us Catholics. Is it safe to say I was touched? Ah,ponder on that one as we move on to what was abuzz over the weekend on the local entertainment scene..


The much awaited hit “My Vibe” dropped yesterday on YouTube. This song,featuring Khaligraph Jones,Sucksybeat and Nigerian songstress Cynthia Morgan is one that has been anticipated for quite a while now given the star power behind it. The social media craze especially the posters on Instagram was too much,thank goodness it’s finally here! Let’s all meet on YouTube people and enjoy the good stuff.


I need to specify that this hasn’t been confirmed. Rumormills have it that HomeBoyz Radio has sold a 40% stake to a French investment company. Eish,times are tough and we all gotta do what we gotta do to survive right? At the same time it’s safe to say that if the word is true then the company will be lucky to have gotten an international feel of things. Whadya think?


The girl on the right in both pics is she...

*In James Bond voice*  Hello ladies. After feeling rejuvenated by this pic on this mundane Monday morning,I will proceed to give details. Above is Margaret Muchemi with a friend in the US of A. Who’s she?
*Miss World Kenya -Kajiado County
*First runner-up Miss World 2015
*She’s attended Beyonce’s concert while there in the US *flashes envious eye*

That’s your Monday updates, how’s life treating you? Are we toasting or still grinding?


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