Looking for eternal life


My religious streak is keeping at it. Why? Today I’m featuring a gospel song I found and it’s nothing short of amazing..
About the song
Musicians: P.I.D Music(I have to admit I don’t know a lot about the group but their music speaks for them)
Title: Uzima(Swahili for “life”)
Published: May 13. This means it’s a very new track!
What’s to like:
*The fact that it was sang in a local language makes it very relatable. This makes it reachable to a very wide audience.
*I found it really a stroke of genius that they shot the video in a water body(it’s lake if my assumption is correct). This is because water means life and because the song is about one seeking God’s eternal life,it went together very well. The setting of the video matched the message. #Kudosfest
*Shooting the video during the day was probably the best thing because  a) it shows they have nothing to hide which makes viewers trust their genuineness as gospel artists  b) there was the advantage of natural lighting!
The fashion
I always talk about it when it comes to entertainment because it has become central. In this video,the style of dressing was fine because it fitted well with the sunny weather seen and given that they were on water,they did right by wearing light and bright colors.

My concern:
The beginning for me was a bit of a stretch and the delay time to the start of the song could have been shortened. All in all the song was great,the video was well executed and the gospel of eternal life that we should seek came out clearly.
You should definitely take a look and a listen.
Share your thoughts!


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