Photo News| Prezzo,Shaffie Weru,Victor Wanyama


Another week begins. Did you get your full rest over the weekend? The local showbiz scene was booming with ish over the weekend and here are the pics that left us talking..


Everyone’s talking about Prezzo’s proposal. He proposed to his on and off girlfriend Michelle,who said yes (obviously)and shared that snap on his gram. Umh,we are all itching to say loads of bullcrap(most of us) but there’s no need. The rapper is a man who always keeps us guessing and by now we should be used to him. This does not mean that we don’t wish them the best. We do. A lot. He might actually have found his love.



International footballer Victor Wanyama is importing a VW Van. Guess for who?? His family. The footballer has been using it for a while now in England and he thought it nice to spoil his fam. We can only say one word,ENVY!


We’re still on machines. Popular radio presenter Shaffie Weru has gotten his dope self a customized motorbike. Kingin’ all the way.
Source: Naibuzz

That’s your Monday in celeb news. What’s new in your life?


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