Living for Him


I have missed this gospel band I swear. So when I found this new jam of theirs I said to myself,”you have to do a feature in the blog”..
About the song:
Title: I live for You
It’s a single. No collabo.
Directed by: JBlessing
The song is very simple, the lyrics flow easily and the beats don’t clash with the words at all. They also sing in cool jazzy voices which gives it a relaxed feeling.
About the video:
Fresh! This is the one word I can comfortably use to describe the video. For a gospel song,they were not lost on the theme to use in the video. The fashion is high key and the setting is quite posh. In the video is also a child who I found central in progressing the theme of Godliness by helping others.
What’s to like:
*The dancing is on-point
*Did I say the fashion
*The lighting is good enough

The classy and posh edge of the video might have contradicted the theme of humility just a little but all in all it was a great song and the video was well shot.

Take a listen and a look…


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