Celeb crush: the ravishing Rita Ora


Today we’re taking things up a notch. Enter the stunning Rita Ora. We are crushing on her hard! And by hard I don’t mean *hard*..men,please.. Anywhos,here are a few things to know about her


Family and background
She’s born of Albanian parents. She has two siblings, an older sister(Elena Ora) and a younger brother(Don Ora).
Exoticness runs in her veins!


Let’s take a moment to appreciate this feathered number she wore to the Met Gala. This is exactly what to wear when you want to leave an impression. No,when you want to be unforgettable!
She has won a Bambi award for international music in Berlin
She has won a Glamour Award for TV personality
She has also won a Glamour Award for solo artist
These and countless nominations. We know how crazy nominations can be,take it from Leonardo DiCaprio!


She was signed to a recording label at age 18 so she has had to give up a bit of education. In 2012 she said she would go back to university to finish her studies.


$16-$145m. Not so clear


Yay or nay for pop star Rita Ora??


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