Glowing in June!


You know a new month always means new cover stars. Here are some of the beauties(and scruffy beasts) that have allowed us a taste of their amazingness



I found this Ariana Grande cover too fly! Slaying in a towel!? Girl you rock! The beautiful starlet is shining on the front of Billboard magazine. The jewellery and those glasses! Can we talk about them for a sec…i’m getting bae such!


Marie Claire magazine chose actress Rebel Wilson as their cover queen. They gorrit so right with that kiss ring, the colors blended nicely but there was one problem…her body. Apparently people are complaining that most magazines only capture her face and forget to snap her awesome body and it’s like they’re afraid of how awesome she looks. What are your thoughts on this??


Vogue Brazil it is with Selena Gomez and designer Nicholas Ghesquiere. This was so out of the box and even pairing such personalities was interesting. Are we loving it or loooooving it??


I gasped(in amazement) and looked again to confirm that it’s the *real* queen on Vanity Fair’s June/July cover. Queen Elizabeth is shining with her ‘lions’ on this cover shot by Ann Leibovitz and we are loving every inch of it, aren’t we??


Growing old never looked this young! Hollywood stars Alfre Woodard(63y/o), Jane Fonda(78y/o) and Sharon Stone(58y/o) talk about aging gracefully on the cover of AARP. If 50+ looks this good, all ladies should aim at hitting that age sooner don’t you reckon?


How are feeling about this new month? Are we smelling good prospects??


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