Selling yourself,Hard!


Surviving in the entertainment industry is no child’s play. It gets worse for those who are yet to make a major breakthrough…those who are still “on the rise”.  Just like creating is the epicenter of this industry, i believe the answer for those in this sector is also creating. But a different kind. Opportunity!

According to entertainment website TechDirt ,the industry is growing fast and it presents both a challenge and an opportunity. I was impressed while watching last Sunday’s episode of the comedy show Churchill Show on NTV. When Tanzanian musician was called up to be interviewed(and flirted on,ahem), the show’s host,Churchill challenged confident men to walk up the stage and say something to the star. A young man walked up(he called himself Kapedo) and we were all curious to find out what would happen next.

I expected him to possibly start flirting with Vanessa and even ask for her number on the stage. After dancing a little, he shared with the world that it was his birthday and said the one thing he would want as a gift is to showcase his talent. Brilliant. He is a spoken word artist and he sure did spit some good lines. Moral of the story? Make use of every opportunity that presents itself. No matter how small. Do you know what he got after his 3minute-performance? A job. The host,Dan ‘Churchill’ Ndambuki,told him he will give him the chance to be performing weekly during the show.

All you have to do is sell yourself a little more. An article on FastCompany says that you don’t have to be a celebity in order for you to brand yourself like one.

Take bolder moves. Make smart decisions. Make it in the brutal entertainment.

You can click to watch the show and see the man Kapedo for those who didn’t.


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