Fitness Friday: Jeremy Meeks

j.meeksLadies,this post is for you(mostly). Hope you’ve heard by now that Jeremy Meeks is ‘straight outta jail’ and he’s getting love already. For those who don’t know(how!!!),who is Jeremy Meeks?
He was an American man charged with felony about a year ago. A mugshot of his got on social media and we decided he’s good looking. Undeniably so. The world has been keeping up with him even behind jail considering ABC interviewed him while behind bars.
He’s been there for a year and now he’s out.
How did he use to keep fit? Among some of the things he said he does include:

He said he “eats healthy” and stays active.
More at Cosmopolitan.
There you have it. He has managed to garner 40k plus followers on Instagram and he shared this pic…among others..

jeremy meeks

Yes,drool,worship,but don’t forget to stay fit. It’s Friday,hit the gym!


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