Spotted: Collins Injera,Willy Paul,Akothee

How’ve you been? Apart from the shocking news of accidents that we are all recovering from,here’s a little something on what your stars have been up to…


Celeb: Collins Injera(top rugby player)

With: Humphrey Injera(rugby player),another rugby player(sorry,I missed his name) and the old man is Wilson Kiprugut(the first Kenyan to win an Olympic medal)

Place: Eldoret town(home of heroes)

Celeb: Willy Paul

With: a family member?(his caption read “family” so we ain’t sure who she is)

Place: N/A

Celeb: Akothee(musician)

With: her husband

Place: it was her brilliantly amazing wedding,period!
That is what your celebs have been up to on Instagram. What you been doing this new month? #FollowingYourStarsSoYouDontHaveTo 



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