Fitness Friday: Kat Graham

It’s Friday. Finally. We’re dieting and working out. It gets better;we are “borrowing” tips from a celeb. Katerina Alexandre Graham,the sexy “witch” from Vampire Diaries is the one we are talking about…


The Swiss-born Hollywood star is best known for her portrayal of Bonnie in the hit TV series,The Vampire Diaries. Though,let’s be honest,her body is worth a million likes(in this day and age of social media,ahem). She works hard to maintain that poised,sexy body. According to HealthyCeleb,these are some of her tips:


*She takes wholesome foods such as fruits,veggies,lean meat,soymilk

*She also practices portion control to ensure she doesn’t eat too much when hunger strikes

*Her fave desserts include applepie and cheesecake.

*She says she’s inclined to sweet foods but she tries to take them moderately


*She does outdoor workouts such as running, swimming, cycling

*Her workouts are normally swift paced and she says she familiar with the treadmill than any other gym gear


*Flat tummy

*Legs we love

*Hot bum

*Killer body

And slaying on the red carpet! You can check out her typical diet plan she shared with Style Caster

How are you keeping fit?


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