Photo News| Diamond Platnumz,Kalekye Mumo,Alvin Kabogo,Joho

I smell coffee from here,that’s how you know it’s Monday. I know it’s a little late to talk about Kalekye Mumo’s departure from Kiss 100FM but I will. As I bid her adieu,I trust she will not be entirely lost from the public’s face as she sets out to establish her PR company..

…and welcome Adelle Onyango,the new co-host to the morning show as you take the reigns from Kalekye. Alright,moving on to other pics the showbiz scene has been talking about all weekend long..

Was this a bit of a fashion overdose for Diamond Platnumz? This is what he was clad in while recently performing in his country Tanzania. I won’t judge. Let’s be honest,half the people reading this have tried to pull such a look!

Alvin Kabogo,son of politician William Kabogo is off the market. And we like his new “buyer”. That lady is apparenrly his bae. He captioned her name as “Noor” after posting that pic. We don’t have to wait till Feb,love is already in the air!

This lad took a crafty selfie,in which as you can see,captured more than just his face. The car on the right is the black Ferrari that Mombasa politician Joho owns and was driving. #ThePowerOfSelfies



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