Quick News Update!

A new section on what’s happening in our world that I will hopefully be featuring every Monday. Let’s catch up on the latest news..


A recent IPSOS survey shows that 68% of Kenyans want our troops withdrawn from Somalia. Another 15% want KDF replaced with other troops. 69% of Kenyans,led by Central and Rift Valley regions support the move by the government to repatriate refugees. This opinion is however not supported by a majority from North Eastern regions. 

In other news,Wilson Sossion,the KNUT chairman, is of the opinion that schools should be closed a week earlier. This follows the rampage seen in high schools as students are on a wave of burning down schools. What are your thoughts?


 Koffi Olomide’s concert in Zambia has also been cancelled following what happened in Kenya. He was to perform at the 90th Zambia Agricultural and Commercial Society. After violently attacking a dancer,getting arrested and deported,it seems Zambia also want nothing to do with him.


David Moyes has been appointed as the new Sunderland manager. The 53y/o David replaces Sam Allardyce as he signed a four year contract with the club.


Beginning of the end for President Mugabe? This is what analysts are saying after war veterans refuse to show support for Mugabe. In a recently held meeting,the war veterans who fought for independce alongside Mugabe say they feel excluded and might deny him support come the next elections. This follows after the ruling party,ZANU-PF, had a ceremony they rewarded party loyalists, leaving out the war veterans,who have always come first.

The possible successors of the President are his wife Grace or the vice president Emerson Mnangagwa.

NewsSources:The Star,Standard Media,Capital FM news

ImageSources: Getty Images

How’s your Monday? That’s a wrap from this side.  


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