Chela Yegon: The “sex-y” socialite!

You’ve heard of her by now. You’ve probably seen the explicit sex tape. Okay,it’s a sextape,it doesn’t get more explicit than that. Should we blame her or call her names? I don’t think we should…

*For those who have no idea who Chela is or what she did,here it is..


*She goes by the name Chela Yegon

*She wanted to be a “socialite” so she and her partner made a sextape,which “leaked” and now she’s all over the place.

Whether or not she wanted the video out,one thing’s for sure,she’s enjoying her 15minutes of “fame” if her tweets and messages are anything to go by. 

We might accuse her of immorality and all things obscene but before we do,we need to remember that we “gave her power” by;

*Sharing her nude pics on social platforms and seemingly having fun doing so

*Having shows on mainstream media that directly condone so called “socialites”. This gives her inspiration.

We also forget that she’s a free citizen who has a mind of her own. Why should her “personal choices” affect us,us who don’t even know her? 

But the problem is;

*Does she have an endgame? Are these baby steps to her launching a music/acting career? Probably not

*Is she skilled at riding and cashing in on this “new found fame” or will she dissapear,just like many usually do? By now she should have a youtube channel,I bet she’d get tons of views=adverts=money. Or even a blog,or set up interviews with top blogs.

Sadly,this is all she might get. 15minutes of fame,slut-shaming,before we move on to the next “big scandal”.

And yes,by writing about her,I end up joining the boat. Will this boat float long enough?


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