MTV-VMA Nominations 2016

Let’s talk a little about the 2016 VMA nominations which were out on Tuesday…

Top nominees

It was a little obvious but for Beyonce aka Queen Bey aka Slayonce, to get 11 nominations! No one saw that coming. Her visual album,Lemonade, did the trick for her. Seeing as how super-hyped it was,no doubt she had to get something. When you hear the word “hello”, Adele’s song automatically rings in your head. Seems the judges also didn’t forget her as she also managed to scoop 8 nominations. 

Let’s hope they win big too

The ignored ones

Taylor Swift aka Taytay did not get even a single nomination. We were alarmed, naturally,because she’s a mega star and we expected to hear her name. Mind you she has never missed a nomination since 2009. Okay Taytay,what’s up? Will she attend the ceremony? Fingers crossed

The ones that left us surprised

Here I was thinking how irrelevant Kanye West had become till he surprised me by getting a nomination. His song,Famous,has been nominated for “Video of the Year” category. This jam,full of nudity(read nude stars) was the one that has seen a widening feud between Kim K and Kanye West vs Taytay. Well played Kanye,well played.

For the full list of nominees,

Click here


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