Quick News Update!

Hello and welcome to yet another Monday,aka “High-Coffee-Intake” day. This one is special because it marks the start of a new month.This is what is happening in our world..


High cost of living is still being experienced by Kenyans,this is according to a statement by government spokesperson,Manoah Esipisu. Despite the government spending over ksh200bn on electricity, many manufacturers have not been seen to lower the prices of their products. This in turn leads to Kenyans spending more on manufactured goods. The government aide urged the Kenya Association of Manufacturers to look into it.


Miss World Kenya 2016 has been stripped off her crown. Miss Roshanara Ebrahim,who won the pageant earlier this year,was stripped her title and crown for “grave misconduct” which was not further explained. According to Ashley’s,the managers of the pageant,Roshanara will be replaced in “due course” but she is no longer the holder of the title,effective immediately.


Arsene Wenger is reported to be on a move to transfer West Brom player Johnny Evans to his side. If this comes to fruition,the Arsenal manager will likely pay £15m for the transfer.


Street protests in Ethiopia over regime. The protests,which seemed to have been peaceful as no clashes were reported,took place in Northern Ethiopia in the Amhara region. The protesters were against the unfair distribution of wealth in the nation,media censorship by the government and the attack on the Oromo community back in 2015. The protesters were also against the ruling EPRDF(Ethiopia’s People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front) which is affiliated to the TPLF(Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front) which is a military party.
How’s your day so far? 
NewsSources: The Standard,The Star,Africa News

PicsSource: Getty Images,Google




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