5 hot August magazine covers!

Kanye West snaps Kim K West in this issue of Harper’s Bazaar. Shot by designer Karl Lagerfeld

Hello,it’s me again and I am giving you five magazine covers to swoon over and read through this new month..

Though this is technically the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar,I thought,why not,it’s too awesome! KimYe are talking about selfies,nudity,their careers and love life. We may hate them,but let’s face it,they slay. For the full story go to Harper’s Bazaar Australia

 Ebony magazine covering the greatness that was Muhammad Ali. This cover looks simple and they made Ali quite young here. Fresh-faced. Marc Lamont Hill  pays homage to the legend via a story in the mag. For the story,go to Ebony magazine

Jaden Smith. Admittedly one of the most enigmatic and forward-thinking young celebs is on the August issue of Nylon magazine. He talks mostly about individuality and what he hopes for the future. You can read more at Nylon magazine

This cover is all things divinely fashionable. Gigi Hadid and actor Ashton Eaton dress for awesomeness on Vogue’s August issue which celebrates the golden age of fashion. Read more at Vogue

 Who better to wrap this up than Zendaya Coleman,our all time crush. She’s glamming it up on the cover of Essence magazine and all I can say is,this girl will never do wrong in my eyes. Check out her story on Essence mag

How’s the month treating you so far? Getting paid yet? 


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