Social Media: Do Photo apps like Prisma affect our self-worth?

If you are a smartphone user,Android or IOS, you probably have this app,Prisma,by now. If you are the ultimate social media fanatic goodness knows the number of photo-editing apps you have in your phone! Does this affect us positively or negatively? I believe it’s positively..

Most studies and analyses indicate that social media is doing more bad than good to us young ones. Some of the reasons for this are;

1)When we post edited or filtered selfies,we show that we don’t appreciate our natural beauty

2)When we use such photo-editing apps the minute they hit the market,it shows that we care more about “being the first” at trying out new things than being genuine about our motives

Then again,an article by USA Today back in 2014,interviewed girls who said such filters gave them a “confidence boost”. You can read it   Here

I agree that such photo-editing apps are necessary because;

1)The pics that are edited are shot by devices. Should we fully trust that a technological device can capture true nature of things? It is only fair to have accompaniments that “improve” on what devices do.

2)The society has really set high standards for beauty,for both men and women,though women are hit harder. It would be naive to assume that none of us tries to look “their best” when out in the public. It’s just swapping one “device”(nice clothes or makeup) with another(editing apps).

Though I wouldn’t turn a blind eye on the destructive nature of “rectifying” your look to appear “better” on a virtual platform,I appreciate the importance of such technologies. 

So yes,go ahead  and  download a photo-editing app!

If I were to be blame anyone,it would be our superficial society. 

What are your thoughts on this?


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