Photo News| Vera Sidika,Denno,Ricky Martin,Mercy Masika

How was your weekend? I spent mine researching(okay,googling) on the deep dark web. The “hidden” un-indexed part of the internet and I tell you this world is just full of horrible things. Away from that,let’s catch up on what you missed over the weekend..

Congrats are in order for Denno,the “Mbona” hit-wonder singer. He’s finally wed the love of his life Faith Naliaka.  The ceremony was presided over by Bishop Margaret Wanjiru,his aunt. Shock on me!

This pic was very unrevealing *dissapointed face*. These three baby cribs carry triplets who happen to be Jedidah Masika’s new borns. Jedidah Masika? Good question. She’s Mercy Masika’s sister and a belated Mercy shared the pic on social media.

That is the “sausage” pic socialite Vera Sidika received on her Snapchat from some random guy from the States. He is well endowed and he even puts some of us to shame *noisily clears throat* and so we are glad that Vera rejected the “offer”.

Ricky Martin was in Kenya vacationing at the Amboseli National Park. I know right? Kenya is the place to be! *Ricky Martin is an international South American music star who was popular back then and he was at one time rocked with a gay rumor scandal. He came out of the closet eventually*

That’s your quick celeb tea in pics. How is Monday?


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