Fitness Friday: Kevin Hart

Can i make a confession? I am a fan of working out and staying fit. I make sure to take water as frequently as possible,go for walks and bite a fruit or two before the week ends. What about you? Today we are focusing on the fit comedian Kevin Hart..

It’s never that serious..

The Hollywood star who recently got married to model Eniko Parrish is very modest about his body from what I gathered. Writing about him should give you the motivation to start taking care of your physical health or encourage you to keep  hitting the gym.

Train hard,play hard




*Using the treadmill

*He works out 6-7 times a week and he doesn’t have fixed routine because of his busy schedule but that might have changed.


*Baked chicken(he has a thing for chicken)

*Baked vegetables

*Brown rice


His system seems to be most uncomplicated celeb fitness regimens I’ve looked into. 

The results?

If bawdies could melt ice,some girls would be living in mountains waiting for this “ice-melter”..



*Buff chest

*Lean body

*Hot magazine covers

*Hot body=hot wife

P.S- don’t overkill trying to look like a celeb. Remember,to them,looking extremely fit is a career necessity. 

You can read more at Healthy Celeb or check out his diet plan on People magazine.

How are you staying fit?


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