Spotted| Huddah Monroe,Kambua,Gilad Millo

Hello y’all. I peeped at the social pages of your stars and this is what yours truly got…

Celeb:Huddah Monroe(socialite)

Place: N/A

With: N/A

She looks a-mazing!

Celeb: Kambua(gospel musician)

With: @NjeshQabbz(wife to late musician,Kaberere)

Place: N/A

Njeri(@NjeshQabbz),the one in the pic,released a new song titled “Anatimiza”( God fulfills His promises) . Better look for it

Celeb: Gilad Millo(musician)

With: his ‘birthday cake’ courtesy of @KenchezMuya

Place: N/A

Gilad was also blowing candles to a year older after Maureen Kunga(of Elani Band) also did. As for Gilad,they(read friends),got him that awesome ugali(local meal) for a cake. Yummy!
How’s your life?


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