TV Series: 5 things to know about Arrow Season 5

If one of your hobbies is binge-watching and Arrow is your ultimate addiction,consider yourself lucky! 

As we wait *anxiously* for Arrow’s 5th season,here are five things we know;

1)There will be many fresh faces(including Blindspot’s Joe Dinicol)

2)Oliver Queen will be getting new recruits for the Arrow league 

3)Mayor Queen will get shot

4)Oliver will also renounce his family

5)Season 5 is set to premiere on October 5th(how strangely symmetrical)

For those of you who are still not in the know,Arrow is about a rich kid,Oliver Queen,who decides to leave the comforts of his life and go fight crime in the city as a masked vigilante.

Are we game for season 5?!


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