Photo News| Vera Sidika,Pierra Makena,DJ Protégé, Sauti Sol

Hello esteemed readers? How’s October? For me there’s nothing new,same ol’ same ol’. Come to think of it,maybe I need a bucket list. Updates:the following pictures have been making waves on the local showbiz scenes..

DJ Protégé (top notch Kenyan DJ) shared snaps of his bae and the competition is real. She goes by the name Gaceri and here’s another pic for you to look at(cause that’s the only thing we’re allowed to do)..

Wow! Let’s move on..

Yup,that’s Vera Sidika’s loaded bf. We finally get to see him. Oh,the two were in Dubai celebrating Vera’s 27yrs on planet earth. Yes,she revealed her age and we are satisfied she’s not a “forever 21” kinda boo.

Would you look at that cuteness….mcwaaaaaaahh… DJ Pierra Makena recently shared pics of her new born daughter Ricca Pokot. What can I say,may the cuteness reign! 

Good news music lovers(and Sauti Sol fanatics),Polycarp just released pics of his new set of customized guitars. Dubbed “fancy finger”,I wonder what those “fingers” would do to an unsuspecting Sauti Sol female fan…hmm…(winks) 

That’s what’s on the radar,you’ve been served!


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