Photo News: Yemi Alade’s look alike,Wizkid,Christ Cycoz

How are you doing? Is life good? I sure hope so. The weekend was good for some of us. I stalked a few blogs and this is what I got for you..

If you follow the gospel industry,you probably know of Christ Cycoz(pic above is a former member). Well,the group decided to split and we are not so sure why but Ben(in the pic) said they never left in bad blood. It’s a typical answer to ensure we don’t ask questions. We wish them all the best. 

Don’t you wish you had a long lost twin(or relative) and your life was like a scintillating TV show where you search your other half and once you meet them it’ll be tears,hugs and cameras flashing? Me too but it ain’t gonna happen. But it seems Yemi Alade has a long lost relative in Kenya who goes by the name Shii Mugu. Do they look alike in the pic? Methinks yes,a little.

Wizkid has inspired me to join the music industry,work hard and buy a house in Los Angeles. Correction,mansion. Wizkid is the joyous owner of that castle located in LA. 

Owwkay. This is awesome. 


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